The Golden Age Home in Kingston, Jamaica is in a state of emergency.  I am in need of donations for wheelchairs, and other medical/daily supplies, ie gloves, clothing, and cleaning supplies.  Golden Age Home has about 400 residents which includes seniors and the physically challenged.

I have been invited by the staff of Golden Age Home to come in with any and all supplies needed to help reform the Golden Age Home.  Your help is desperately needed to make this mission possible.  I commission you, please keep your donations coming.  There is a link at the bottom of the page.

It’s the golden ages and the physically challenged that counts.  One person can make a difference, a village can make a change.

To all the Staff at Golden Age Home, “We heard you cry out, and we cried too, God told us to go, now we come to you”.  Help is on the way!

To the residents of Wisconsin, “You have come through for me once again, keep the medical supplies and donations coming”.  I will be posting pics to  this blog within a few days of some equipment already received.  Being Blessed!

To all Jamaican’s living here abroad, “Step Up”!  I go, you follow. “Sey you can’t go, then mek a donation now.  I am one person.  I am an American.   I will make a difference while at Golden Age Home.  I need all of your help to make a change.  Also, I’m in care of all donations, not Golden Age Home.  I will show & give progress reports daily.

  I petition you, “Please Help Me, Help Our People”…  The Land We Love.

Info at jamaica-gleaner.com.

Gwen Moore



About Gwen Moore
I love the Lord, I have 3 sisters alive, 1 brother alive, 2 sisters in heaven, 2 parents in heaven, 2 grand parents in heaven, a mother of 6 with 3 biological, and 3 Jamaicans, a grandma of 17, a great grandma of 8, I fostered 13 children all grown, 1 in heaven. I'm the wife of a Jamaican, a real estate investor, a business owner for 19 yrs. I was born in America, my roots is American/Quito, Quito is in the north-central part of the country. Settled by the Quito people, it was captured by the Incas in 1487 and held by the Spanish from 1534 until 1822. The city has frequently been damaged by earthquakes. (ke'to) The capital of Ecuador. Ecuador in northwestern South America.

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